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We Are the Village of Woodsfield

Who We Are

The Village of Woodsfield is the county seat of Monroe County, Ohio, located approximately 18 miles West of the Ohio River. Woodsfield is nestled among the wooded beauty and steep valleys of a county settled by the Swiss and Germans in the 19th Century and officially known as “The Switzerland of Ohio”. Woodsfield has been known for its seclusion among a primarily agricultural landscape; however, natural resources such oil, coal, and natural gas has brought a variety of industries to the area. Particularly, new technologies in the oil drilling industry has brought about a surge of activity both in and around Woodsfield. The Village is an attractive location due to the cost-savings of water, sewage, and electrical utilities being municipally owned. For businesses or others seeking information about locating inside or near the village, contact the Village Administrator’s Office at (740) 472-0525. We would be glad to have a new neighbor!

1890s Woodsfield Ohio History
Blowing an Oil Well in the late 1890’s, from a glass negative by George Mooney
What You Will Find

The Village of Woodsfield has a population of 2,261 persons, according to the US Census Bureau in 2017.  Although a smaller town, stretching only slightly more than 2 square miles, Woodsfield has many amenities found in larger towns. One can find a selection of stores for hardware, groceries, crafts, and general household goods.  There are also several banking institutions, personal care salons, restaurants, service stations, medical services, recreational offerings and places of worship. Both public and private schools can be found inside the village, as well as a veterinarian office and the county Courthouse.

Woodsfield's Downtown Area
Who Was Here Before Us

The charming town also holds several places of historical significance. On the National Register of Historical Places (“Register”) is the Monroe Bank Building. Built in 1903, the bank was once the main office for the O.R. & W. Railway and was the only bank in Monroe County. Today, its five floors house a variety of offices. A building right next to the Bank Building is also on the Register – the Monroe County Courthouse, built in 1905 and still in use today as the county’s courthouse. Directly adjacent to the Courthouse is the old Monroe Theater, closed for many years; yet a local community group is making strides towards its grand resurrection.  Another elaborate establishment of great significance is the William C. Mooney house, known as the Mooney Mansion. This home was built for the wealthy Mooney family in 1880, and has a ballroom on its third floor. Today, the house is occupied by a private resident and is in dilapidated condition despite its honorary place also on the Register. At 217 Eastern Avenue the Hollister-Parry House, built in 1859, was entered on the Register for its Italianate architecture. Hollister-Parry House is now a museum and is widely used for activities and historical projects. The home was originally built by a local attorney, Nathan Hollister, for himself and his family. It was later the home of a medical doctor, Dr. J.R. Parry. For a deeper look inside the beginnings of Woodsfield and Monroe County, be sure to visit the museum.

Monroe Bank Building
Monroe County Courthouse
Old Monroe Theater
The William C. Mooney Mansion
The Hollister-Parry House Museum

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