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Our History

The Village of Woodsfield was named after Mr. Archibald Woods (1764-1846) of Wheeling, West Virginia. Archibald formerly owned the site of the town that would later become “Woodsfield”.  Mr. George Paul and Judge Benjamen Ruggles both of St. Clairsville, Ohio, and Mr. Levi Barber of Marietta also owned land in the territory.  As European pioneers chose this wooded, secluded area that reminded them of their homeland, these four gentlemen became the first to clear the land for the settlers.

1899 Woodsfield, OH



It is noteworthy that Archibald Woods was also a soldier of the Revolution. Local legend claims that Archibald wanted to clear the main street of trees, and so provided a keg of French brandy and offered drinks to any man willing to assist in this dubious task. It is told that in one afternoon, the street was cleared of its trees!  The Village of Woodsfield was officially founded and chosen as the Monroe County seat in 1815.


Town Square 1905
Park Hotel 1910
Railroad Station
Town Square with Electricity - Year Unknown

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